Friday, June 6, 2008

Conservative Money

The South Carolina legislature just passed an immigration bill supposedly targeted at enforcing illegal immigration in the state. The bill's main strength was this thing called E-verify, where employers voluntarily check the legal employment status and identification of a job applicant in order to comply with the law. It's kind of like gun control is voluntary, I guess. Some businesses have complained of the poor quality of the government maintained databases. Poor quality products compliments of the US government; I'm so shocked. Somebody pick me up off the floor.

This "immigration reform" is rife with holes. The reform bill will not go into effect until 2010. This sloppy attempt ignores the fact that illegals will continue to bilk the system for a good 2 years in the mean time. When the bill finally does go into effect, only new workers will have to be verified, which means current illegals will be able to keep their jobs with no fear of retribution.

A point can be made that by the time this law goes into effect, amnesty will have already been granted by the federal legislature, which further proves that South Carolina law makers are intentionally dragging their feet instead of fighting for State's rights till the bitter end. Mark Sanford seems to think this bill is what the South Carolina citizenry had in mind as local law enforcement. He seems to have temporarily(I hope) lost his conservative bearings when he thanked damn well near everyone involved in this scam as great progressors of South Carolina immigration reform. This is the kind of reform that would make Senor McCain proud. I don't know, maybe Gov. Sanford has gone the way of Sen. Gramnesty in kissing up to the "change" Republicans crowd.

A nation of laws are we? Yes I think we are, when you consider that the law and order is made and broken by one ultimate rule: the golden rule: The one who has the gold makes the rules. That's right kids, the big corporations of South Carolina such as General Electric, want cheap labor and how do they obtain that cheap labor? Simple, they give a portion of their profits to the South Carolina legislature, which includes the "conservative" Mark Sanford, in ex"change" for a few simple favors which involve ignoring written law and the will of the South Carolina citizenry. Of course, Christian integrity and conservative personal values trump avarice and cowardly political pandering don't they?

I like to take the bad situations in life and learn from them. I've learned a very "valuable" lesson from this South Carolina illegal immigration legislative reform scam: when enough money is present, there are no true conservatives in America, period, end of story. What does this mean? It means that our American founding fathers where right that human nature's morality is increasingly corrupted with power and strong centralized government is an absolute hindrance to law and order. I am a capitalist, but I do admit capitalism has a dark side when it creeps into the shadow of big government.

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