Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Palin/McCain: Still Not Good Enough

What? It's McCain/Palin! No, public attention has been focused more on Palin then McCain, and Palin polls better with Republicans than McCain. If McCain wins, it will not be because of McCain, so to speak. Yes he did make a great choice. McCain has proven he is a better decision maker than Obama in the fact that he picked a VP running mate that has energized his base. Obama, on the other hand, acted like a child with a grudge when he could not suck it up like a man and pick Hillary Clinton, who is a way more popular choice among Democrats than Yes-Man Biden will ever dream of becoming.

But what Republican success all comes down to is getting the conservative vote. The majority of Republicans are conservatives, that's why they call it a "base," and the base has spoken. The conservatives now not only have a voice they are confident in calling "a voice," but also their cause has shaken up the Republican establishment. Palin not only gives cause to be excited about voting McCain in for President of The United States, but she is also the best argument for the need for Republicans in general to start acting more conservative if they want to win elections. Rush Limbaugh has been making this argument for years, so you all should have been listening in the first place, but now you're seeing the truth materialize right before your blood-shot youtubing eyes.

Despite all the excitement, the fact still remains that the majority of American voters are Democrats. McCain has momentum, but he still is very much behind in the electorate count, and that is what counts, not the national popular vote. I still don't think McCain's campaign has enough to beat Obama, given the fact that Obama may still lose this race for himself, McCain is still not conservative enough in the minds of the conservative base. He needs to make a bold new move to create the kind of excitement over himself that Palin already has from conservatives.

What is it McCain should do to stir up the conservatives up to the point of showing out in big enough force to give him the election? Well, I would say that he should do something that not only conservatives, but many liberals as well will be in agreement with him on. What could that be? I mean do liberals and conservatives agree on anything? Yes they do, maybe not in large part, but still in alarming numbers just the same. The issue is illegal immigration. That's right, Juan McCain needs to reverse his position on illegal immigration if he wants to win this election. This is the only way he will win. Voters in both parties are convinced that illegal immigration is a major safety risk to America, not to mention how the issue in general has been driving conservatives mad for some time now.

The latest news is that America is still vulnerable to a terrorist attack. In light of that fact, if McCain were to make a sincere statement with very clear and reasoned arguments as to why he has changed his position, his reversal will be received. The only people that would be angered by his reversal will be people who won't ever vote for him anyway. And if McCain can demonstrate a plan and give reasons why his said plan will greatly decrease terrorist threats and bring down crime and other associated illegal immigration related problems, he can use this issue to gain major leverage against Obama.

For the future of America, we can only hope that McCain will wake up and become a true Cowboy at a time where this sort of character is needed most. Either way, I'm voting Palin/McCain in 08, because I don't want the country to go to hell in the mean time.

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